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Established in October 1994 with mail goals

  • Trading of  raw materials and semi-products for Sweets-industry like:
    • Lactose edible and pharma
    • Demineralised Whey-powder, Sweet Whey-powder 
    • WPC and TMP
    • Fullcream and skimmed milk powder 
    • Compounds 
  • Baking industry: 
    • Raw materials and semi-products; mail goal: natural products, characteristics „Baking with nature“ 
  • Products of the company Grünau: 
    • Emulsifying agents liquid or powders
    • Cheese factory auxiliary materials: Nature and micro lab
    • dairy and Cheese factory cultures, food coloring materials, waxes
  • Young animal feeding: 
    • Raw materials and semi-products for milk exchangers as well as starter food special recipes according to own prescriptions 
  • Milk and whey products for Pharma, food and Animal feed industry

At this time, Austria was a member of the EFTA with a relative closed market, because the relevant member states had such as Switzerland and Sweden showed often higher agricultural product prices than Austria. The exchange of goods with Great Britain was quite small at this time.

Restructuring 1997/98 in connection with the EU accession 

Entering the free market of the European Union took place without transition periods, but with devastating effects: 

  • Animal feed market shrank around approx. 60% - the mill range around approx. 40%; foodstuffs sector around approx. 30% 
  • That had also large effects on our enterprise and led to  
    • Immediate STOP of the whole animal feed range 
    • Restrictions with Grünau - products with dairy- and cheese-factories, as 
    • well as industrial slaughtering 
    • Loss of many customers within the sweet goods range, because Austrian 
    • Daughters of many companies were shut down. 
  • As a reaction to the change of basic conditions we decided to:  
    • Built-up a line of organic-products (BIO)  in particular with Austrian Dairies and the most famous manufacturers of baby food in Southern Germany and Italy
    • Adjustment of trade products on special niche markets; this was the best Innovation

Since 1998 the company stands on 3 legs:

  • Trading of milk and whey products in powder form and partially also liquid, as well as various food additives 
  • Consulting concerning prescriptions as well as application and Process-engineering
  • Trade with used dairy and drying units mainly with Turkey

At the same time we change from buying and sales of products to a system of commissioning. 

Since spring 2008 Serotech owns the registered brand „Fillino “, which is registered in the European Union - the trademark law centre in Portugal.

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