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Product Overview

  • BIO and conventional liquid Cow-milk; various fat contents and sorts 
  • BIO and Conventional milk-products, whey products made out of cow-milk 
  • Butter and pure butter-fat
  • Various Cheese-products
  • Various milk products with extended shelf-life
  • Organic and conventional Goat milk, spray-dried; and goat milk products including Goat full milk powder with natural fat-content, skimmed Goat milkpowder, whey-powder demineraliced 80 % and Lactose from Goat whey. 
  • Sheep milk and sheep milk products including Sheep full milk powder with natural fat content – organic and conventional quality 
  • Milk and whey proteins from cow's milk including modified proteins 
  • Food additives for dairies and cheese factories like Casein-brands and various Devices 
  • Additive - and auxiliary materials for the sweets-industry including flavours - cocoa - various sugars, also in organic quality
  • Dietetic milk products with reduced level of protein / phenylalanin 
  • Milk-deserts with reduced protein and fat content and also a high portion of ballast materials
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